Get in over your head as often and as joyfully as possible.

What I believe:

Book Cover, Authenticity by Gilmore and Pine

I believe that authenticity, integrity, and creativity are key to capturing value.

Andy Samberg Like A Boss

I believe that synergies and efficiencies should be assumed in the course of your mission, but should never be the mission itself. And they should be said out loud as little as possible.

Jim Boeheim on Syracuse Bench

I believe that true leaders are humble, approachable, decisive, and resilient. They know they don’t know it all, they truly listen to what you have to say, they make decisions with imperfect information, they take responsibility when things don’t work out, and they rally.

my family

I take my work incredibly seriously, and make sure to take myself not-so-seriously.


I believe that the best managers know that they look good when their team members look good. They pass the mic. They give credit more than taking it. They help people get in over their heads. And they jump on grenades sometimes.

treated like a number

I believe that you cannot view your users or your employees as commodities, no matter how big you get. When you stop thinking about people as people, you have lost.

love what you do, or leave

I believe that people who have passions outside of work bring the most passion to their work. They know how to strive for balance, and they know how to care.

magnets, Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad

I believe that the best teams, the best partnerships, will be ones where not everyone believes the exact same things, but where each party thrives on the discussion, accepts that they won’t agree with every decision, and knows that the best ideas sometimes come from unexpected places, and can come from any level in an organization.

What do you believe?

Chris Eberle


  1. I believe that the more self-aware you are as a manager–knowing yourself, understanding that what you do depends on your ability to connect with your colleagues and your ability to take responsibility for your decisions–the more successful the enterprise will be. I’m a big fan of emotional intelligence, which you, SV Ginger, possess in quantity. Looking forward to more of your thoughts in the future!

    • Thanks so much, Amy! I fully agree re: self-awareness and EI. And I’m so happy you’re out there sharing your message with so many people!

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